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Mizuno Pro and Samurai Catchers Gear

The Samurai Series is a great set of equipment that is available for a very fair price. The Samurai Series offers many different features to the gear. One vital aspect to catching is blocking. And, if the gear helps this near impossible task, it is definitely worth a look. The rebound control feature gives this Mizuno catchers gear series a balanced build with new technology allowing the ball to land if front of you.

The Pro G2 set is for very serious baseball players, who for the most part, are fully grown. You want to be finished growing because the this set is design to last for many seasons.  What this Mizuno catchers gear series has to offer is amazing. It also has the rebound control feature in the chest protector. The leg guards have the patented K-Pad. The K-Pad is the pad which protects your knees noticeably better than any other catching equipment. Lastly, the hockey style mask for this  series offers some of the best vision. Mizuno catchers gear is a rising star and has been taking the market by storm. With their high quality and multiple color combinations they are a popular choice among many high end catchers. In addition, the innovative designs and creative look will make any catcher look and play like a pro. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Mizuno Catchers Gear

Getting the most information you can before you choose your catchers gear will help you select the best model for your needs.

What Makes Mizuno Youth Catchers Gear Special?

The padding and wrap around design of both the leg guards and chest protector make them very popular. The Mizuno Samurai gear provides the most overall protection of the catchers body in the industry.

What is the Most Popular Model of Mizuno Youth Catchers Gear?

The Mizuno youth Samurai catchers gear is the most popular. It in fact is one of the most popular lines from any manufacturer. This has been the case for decades. That is why the Samurai Catchers Gear line needs to be in consideration for you next catchers gear purchase.

Can I Replace Just One Piece of my Mizuno Samurai Catchers set?

Absolutely. If you outgrow your Samurai leg guards or the padding in your catchers helmet has worn down, you can purchase a new size or new item. You can replace your catchers helmet, chest protector or leg guards whenever the need arises.