Mizuno Catchers Throat Guard MTG100

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Mizuno Catchers Throat Guard MTG100

Mizuno Catchers Throat Guard MTG100

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Mizuno Catchers Throat Guard | MTG100 Features:

The Mizuno Catchers Throat Guard MTG100 is made of lightweight, yet durable ABS plastic. It is easily attachable to your helmet with adjustable Velcro, which helps provides exceptional protection behind the plate. A throat guard is a catchers best friend. Sure, without the essentials a catcher would have several vulnerable areas exposed during in-game action. But if not for the throat guard, how else could a catcher have assured, optimal breathing? How else would the catcher know to remain calm and composed, while at the same time, annunciating his commands to the pitcher and fielders fluidly to combat the distortion the guard can cause? Not only does the throat guard provide a catcher with the absolute maximum capacity of protection he would not originally even think of, but it does so at an affordable price as well. Purchase one now before your opponent sports one in a game, as you ll be wishing you had one too.
  • Provides additional protection
  • ABS plastic
  • Lightweight design
  • Adjustable velcro