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Batting Helmets

We have myriad batting helmet options for sale, including batting helmets with face masks. The Demarini Paradox Helmet With Softball Mask, the Under Armour Matte Molded helmet and the Evoshield XVT Softball Helmet with Mask are among our most popular options.

Other Protective Gear

In addition, we have jaw guard addons for batting helmets; these guards were made popular by Major Leaguer Jayson Heyward who needed extra protection after injuring his jaw, and now players at all levels use them for extra protection on their front hitting side.

We also offer compression sleeves, sun visors for compression masks, softball pitching masks, sleeveless chest guards and sunglasses, among other selections. Baseball Bargains has built its reputation for being the place to turn to when you are in the market for affordable baseball and softball equipment online.

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