Rawlings Single Flap Batting Helmet MSE01A

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Rawlings Single Flap Batting Helmet MSE01A

Rawlings Single Flap Batting Helmet MSE01A

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Rawlings Single Flap Batting Helmet MSE01A

The Rawlings Single Flap Batting Helmet MSE01A is for hitters looking to purchase a sharp and professional looking helmet for the upcoming baseball season. You should could consider investing in this helmet. The single flap helmet comes in a traditional pro-design and provides plenty of attractive features that make it a must-buy for those stepping up to the plate this year. This Rawlings helmet features a single ear flap. These one ear baseball helmets enhance the comfort of the hitter wearing it, while they stand in the batter s box. It also is effective in protecting the vulnerable parts of a player's head, in case a pitch accidentally comes up and in on them.

Professional Baseball Helmet

While a hitter never likes to think about this happening to them, it is unfortunately part of the game. So it is important for a batter to step into the batter s box with a safe and well-constructed helmet like this professional baseball helmet from Rawlings. Not only does this batting helmet do a terrific job of protecting the head of the player wearing it, but it also keeps players extremely comfortable while on the field. The design of these Rawlings pro style batting helmets provides comfort and protection. 

Single Ear Batting Helmet Style

These pro style batting helmets are available to hitters at multiple levels, coming in a variety of sizes. This ranges from a smaller size of 6 7/8 inches to an extra-large size of 8 inches. This one ear batting helmet is also available for both right handed and left handed batters. It is available at a great price. Covered with a glossy clear coat all-black finish, this helmet looks sharp. The single ear batting helmet is also extremely sleek and stylish, making it an item every hitter will want to purchase. Rawlings was established around 1887. Few companies share this long tradition of excellence. Over the years Rawlings remains one of the top baseball equipment providers in the industry. Therefore, they are a company you can trust. Make sure you feel confident this season, by having a high quality helmet on your head. The Rawlings Single Flap Batting Helmet MSE01A is a product that will help hitters stay cool, comfortable, and protected at the plate, and give them a chance to achieve big things this season. So, add one of these pro style batting helmets to your shopping cart today.

One Ear Batting Helmet Features:

  • Unique one ear batting helmets design
  • Pro design
  • ABS Plastic Shell
  • Available in Black Only
  • Small (6 7/8 - 7), Medium (7 1/8 - 7 1/4), Large (7 3/8 - 7 1/2), X-Large (7 5/8 - 8)
  • Right ear - for left hand batter
  • Left ear - for right hand batter