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Baseball Batting Helmets for Sale

We carry a wide selection of baseball batting helmets for sale, including fastpitch softball helmets with masks and t-ball helmets. Mizuno, Easton, Rawlings, and All-Star offer models in multiple colors. Under Armour and Demarini helmets feature both gloss and matte finishes. There is an abundance of color options available to match your team's colors. There are also some options with the newly popularized jaw protector made famous by Giancarlo Stanton. Be sure to check out our entire selection of adult and youth baseball helmets today!

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Batting Helmets

Getting the most information you can before you choose your helmet will help you select the best model for your needs.

Are all Helmets NOCSAE Certified?

Every batting helmet for sale on our website is NOCSAE certified. They all will have the certification logo on the exterior of the helmet.

Can you put a Jaw Guard on Youth Baseball Helmets?

Yes, you can. However, you will need to purchase the jaw guard made to fit the helmet you buy. Each brand makes their own jaw guard. They are not interchangeable or universal. The only exception is that the jaw guards made by All Star and Under Armour are able to be used on either brand. That is because All Star manufactures the Under Armour baseball helmets

Is There a Difference Between a Baseball Helmet with Mask and a Softball Helmet with Mask?

Yes, the masks are different. The softball masks prevent a softball from striking the batters face. The baseball helmet facemask has smaller gaps than a softball mask since the diameter of the baseball is smaller. A softball helmet with a mask is not recommended for baseball use as it will not provide the necessary protection to keep a baseball from striking the batter's face.

Should Batting Helmets be Very Snug or a Bit Loose?

The answer is neither. The proper helmet should have a snug fit. If it is very snug, the player will likely get headaches. If the helmet fits loosely, it will not give the player the full protection it is designed to provide. Loose fitting helmets do not absorb the impact as well as helmets that have a snug fit. In addition, loose fitting helmets tend to fall off when running around the bases and as a result will not protect the runner at all.