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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Catcher's Helmets

Getting the most information you can before you choose your catchers helmet will help you select the best model for your needs.

Why is a hockey style Catchers Helmet better than the Tradition Mask and Skullcap Combo?

The answer is that the hockey style model provides more protection. The back of the head and neck are better protected. Another benefit is the clearer peripheral vision. That is very helpful when trying to keep an eye on runners on first and third base.

Do any Catchers Helmets come in White ?

The only models that we carry that comes in white are the All Star MVP2500 and MVP2510. The latter is the youth sized model. We also have the same models in a matte white finish. The model numbers are MVP2500M and MVP2510M. For fastpitch softball the Jen Schro model also comes in white.

Are all Catchers Helmets NOCSAE certified?

Every hockey style catchers helmet we carry is NOCSAE certified. If you choose to go with a mask and skullcap combo, no skullcaps are NOCSAE certified. That is why they typically are not approved for use in youth leagues.