Under Armour Adult Classic Pro Face Mask UAFM2-LUC

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Under Armour Adult Classic Pro Face Mask UAFM2-LUC

Under Armour Adult Classic Pro Face Mask UAFM2-LUC

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Product Type: Catchers Gear
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Under Armour Adult Classic Pro Face Mask UAFM2-LUC

The Under Armour Adult Classic Pro Face Mask UAFM2-LUC is a classic looking catcher's mask. It comes from one of the more popular and most innovative sporting goods companies in the game today. This mask has the look of a rather traditional catchers face mask. It also comes loaded with plenty of advanced features. This makes it one of the hottest new choices for catchers on the market today. The Under Armour Adult Classic Pro Face Mask UAFM2-LUC incorporates I-BAR Vision technology. This technology not only gives catcher's an incredible range of view behind the plate. It also makes the steel cage of the mask highly durable.

Under Armour Catchers Facemask

This is a mask that will have catchers performing at a high level on the field, and a mask that will last catchers a number of seasons without breaking down. This face mask also features moisture wicking fabric. The padding now keeps you dry and gives users a soft comfortable feel. This padding, combined with an anti slip neopprene facemask harness provides players using this catcher's mask the utmost protection. Plus, catchers will never have to worry about this mask slipping off their face during games or practices. The product will always stay secure in place, thanks to its harness. The harness helps give players a comfortable and stable fitting face mask during games, and allows them to be at their most efficient in the field at all times. The item is extremely light weight, making it extremely easy for players to carry around on their head. It comes in five different color options, which include black, navy, royal, and scarlet, and graphite. With all these color choices available for this face mask, it is easy for players to pick a color that matches the colors of the team they play for. Over the past decades, few sporting goods companies have been more successful than Under Armour. This company was founded in 1996, with the goal of creating apparel that helps keep athletes cool and light while competing on the field. They have achieved this goal with every one of their fine products, and are a company that athletes today should have no problem putting their trust in. The Under Armour Adult Classic Pro Face Mask UAFM2-LUC is a great choice for the catcher that wants a classic looking face mask, that provides modern day level results. Catchers are guaranteed to be at their defensive bests this season, while wearing this fantastic mask. They are also guaranteed to stay on the field healthy, thanks to the wonderful protective features on this mask. The item comes at an affordable price tag too, so make sure you purchase one from the Baseball Bargains website as soon as possible.

  • Professional traditional style facemask
  • I-Bar vision
  • Moisture wicking pads
  • Neoprene non-slip harness