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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Backpacks

Getting the most information you can before you choose your backpack will help you select the best model for your needs.

How Much Gear can Fit in a Backpack?

You can fit a couple of gloves a helmet, batting gloves and 2 bats in just about every backpack. Some models also have a compartment for cleats. While others have the ability to hold four bats

What Brand Makes the Best Backpacks?

All of the brands we carry offer several great backpack options. They all are great quality bags. You can focus your decision on comparing size, price and color while resting assured that the quality of the craftsmanship is all relatively the same.

Can I fit Catchers Gear in a Backpack?

Easton is only brand we carry that has backpacks designed to carry catchers equipment. They make 2 models, the Jen Schro catchers backpack and the Easton E610CBP catchers backpack. Both models can handle a full set og gear and much more.