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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Catchers Sets

Getting the most information you can before you choose your catchers set will help you select the best model for your needs.

What Brand Makes the Best Catchers Sets?

The number one brand in the catchers gear sets industry is All Star. They make a wide variety of catchers sets for beginners to pros and from youth to adult.

How Long do Catchers Sets Last?

Most catchers sets last a couple of years. It really depends on how often you use the gear. Youth catchers sets usually last longer than they fit. Young players tend to outgrow their catchers gear before it wears out. .

Do I Need a Catchers Set with a NOCSAE Certified Chest Protector?

Most leagues do require that baseball chest protectors be NOCSAE certified. However, if your league does not, it still would be wise to go with a set that does have a NOCSAE certified chest protector to reduce the risk of Commotio Cordis which is when your heart gets knocked out of rhythm leading to cardiac arrest when you are struck in the chest above the heart at a particular time during the heartbeat . Even though it is rare, it is definitely a risk, especially when playing in High School Leagues and above.