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As of January 1st, 2020 most leagues and organizations will require catchers to use a NOCSAE chest protector. NOCSAE is an organization that sets safety standards for products. With the occurrences of catchers getting struck in the chest with a baseball and having their heartbeat knock out of rhythm, ( known as Commotio Cordis) there has been an increased concern with the safety provided by a standard baseball chest protector.

The NOCSAE organization has stepped in and set standards for the deadening of the impact of the ball striking in the heart area. All manufacturers seeking to meet the standards must submit their baseball chest protectors to be certified. One certified the chest protector modes will show a stamp or tag that states "SEI Certified" and "Meets NOCSAE Standards".

NOCSAE Chest Protector

Organizations such as the NCAA and NFHS will require use of a NOCSAE certified chest protector in the upcoming season. All Star chest protectors and Under Armour chest protectors were some of the first models to be certified. Since then, all manufacturers including Mizuno, Easton and Wilson have gotten their chest protector NOCSAE certified.

Below you will see all of the NOCSAE certified chest protector models we carry. Order yours today and be prepared and safe for the upcoming season and beyond. We also sell complete sets with a NOCSAE chest protector.  So if you are ready for a new set of gear check out our selection of NOCSAE catchers gear sets.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our NOCSAE Chest Protectors

Getting the most information you can before you choose your chest protector will help you select the best model for your needs.

Why are Chest Protectors Certified by NOCSAE?

In order to address the concerns for Commotio Cordis (the heart being knocked out of rhythm due to impact) the baseball industry has come up with testing standards to increase the safety for catchers. The National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment handles the approval of chest protectors for the baseball industry.

Do all Ages Require NOCSAE Approved Chest Protectors?

Most leagues now do require their catchers to use equipment with a NOCSAE approved chest protector. Be sure to check with your league for their requirements.

Do you Offer Full Sets of NOCSAE Certified Catchers Gear?

Yes, we do offer full sets with NOCSAE certified chest protectors. You can see the full selection that we carry by clicking here.