Easton Gametime Youth Chest Protector

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Easton Gametime Youth Chest Protector

Easton Gametime Youth Chest Protector

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Easton Gametime Youth Chest Protector

Catchers aged 9 through 12 and looking for a great new chest protector for their next baseball season, need look no further. The Easton Gametime Youth Chest Protector provides everything catchers competing in youth leagues need to succeed out on the diamond, and will also keep them safe and protected in the process. Coaches and parents of young developing catchers will absolutely love the things that this chest protector allows them to accomplish behind the plate. The Easton Gametime Youth Chest Protector uses a multi-foam layer to give players added protection and reduction of ball impact. When pitches do inevitably strike your chest, you will have no issue with handling the impact. You will also be able to better control the direction and distance of balls that deflect off your chest. Young players will also remain comfortable when putting on this protector, thanks to its high breathability level. Throughout this product, there are strategically-placed vents, that help keep players cool and sweat-free during game action. Even during the hottest summer months, players will stay comfortable under their chest protector. The product s easy Velcro removable shoulder caps only add to the protection and convenience of this item. Your collarbone and shoulders will remain out of harm s way, when wearing these caps. Health is key to having a great season, so make sure you do not suffer an injury that can be avoided by having top quality equipment.

Easton Chest Protector

The company in which this fine catcher s chest protector comes from is Easton, a sporting goods provider that has an outstanding reputation for producing high-end baseball and softball equipment. The people at Easton know what kind of equipment both major leaguers and amateur players need to succeed in the game of baseball. When choosing to purchase a sporting goods item that you plan on using frequently, trusting the Easton company is always a great call. This protector is 15 inches in length, and is quite light for the catcher using it to carry around. It weighs in at just half a pound. The item comes with a fantastic looking design. The professional looking Easton logo is present in multiple spots on the protector. It also is available in four different color options. Color choices include, black, navy, red, and royal. Learning the position of catcher is no easy task, but the Easton Gametime Youth Chest Protector helps makes the process much smoother. This fantastic Easton item not only is attractive out on the field, but also is an incredible performing chest protector. If you are still not sold, check out the very affordable price tag on this item. You will certainly not regret ordering this fine chest protector for your young player s next baseball season.

It utilizes multi-layer foam for added protection and reduction of ball impact. Strategically-placed vents help keep you cool and comfortable behind the plate. The easy Velcro will make your life easier when trying to get the perfect fit. Make sure to get the color that fits the best and matches the rest of your catchers gear. Make your life a lot easier behind the plate with the Easton Gametime Youth Chest Protector.

  • Meets NOCSAE standards
  • Length: 15 inch
  • Multi-layer foam construction reduces ball rebound
  • Strategically placed vent ports to keep players comfortable
  • Removable shoulder cap with Velcro for easy on/off
  • Removable groin protector instead of a built-in one.

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