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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Footwear

Getting the most information you can before you choose your cleats or turf shoes will help you select the best model for your needs.

Should I buy Turf Shoes or Cleats?

That depends on where you play most of your games. If you play on grass fields and turf fields, you may want to have a pair of cleats for the grass field and turf shoes when you play on the artificial turf fields.

Can I use Cleats on Turf Fields?

You can use molded baseball cleats on turf fields, but they will not give you as much traction as turf shoes. Metal cleats are typically banned for use on turf fields as they are bad for the turf.

Which Type of Footwear Provides the Most Stability on the Field.?

Since turf shoes have many more treads on them than baseball or softball cleats, they provide the most support and stability to your feet. So, if you have chronic ankle or foot problems, you would be wise to use turf shoes when you play.