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NOCSAE Approved Catchers Equipment

With the growing concern of players getting hit in the chest and knocking their heart out of rhythm, youth leagues will be relying on the National operating committee to ensure that catchers chest protectors meet certain safety standards. From now on,  when you hear the term NOCSAE catchers gear it will refer to both the chest protector and helmet. Certain brands like All Star , Under Armour and Easton have already submitted their gear for approval. This year several chest protectors have received NOCSAE  approval. Now youth catchers and their parents can have the added piece of mind of safety when they choose one of the new approves NOCSAE catchers gear sts or chest protectors.

SEI Certified Chest Protectors

People ask was does it mean that an chest protector is SEI certified.  It means that the Safety Equipment Institute has tested the chest protector and it has met or exceeded all of the requirements to become NOCSAE approved. The Safety Equipment Institute is an independent agency that tests the safety of products.