Mizuno Samurai Intermediate Catchers Gear Set SAMSETI

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Mizuno Samurai Intermediate Catchers Gear Set SAMSETI

Mizuno Samurai Intermediate Catchers Gear Set SAMSETI

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Mizuno Samurai Intermediate Catchers Gear Set SAMSETI Features:

The Mizuno Samurai Intermediate Catchers Gear Set SAMSETI is a top pick. This Mizuno Samurai catcher s gear set is ideal for youth players. It also features top of the line catchers equipment for all intermediate sized ball players. It comes built to last. This catchers set will perform great behind home plate, regardless of whether or not the mask is bought by the everyday or backup catcher. Additionally, it is as stylish as it is comfortable. It is available at a competitive price. The set is notably available in 15 color options. So, if you want to match your team colors without paying for a custom set, the this Catchers gear is ideal. The options include, a green and yellow set as well as a purple catchers gear set, and there are many more options to choose from. It is also available in youth and adult sizes. All colors are available in each size. In addition, you can purchase any piece individually. Thus, you can build the set from scratch. You can mix and match sizes to get the best fit. Many consider this samurai catcher s gear set as unisex even though there is a Mizuno softball catchers gear set also available on our website.

Mizuno Samurai Catchers Set

Finally, you can order the Mizuno intermediate catchers gear set from us now. You will know exactly what you are getting with this set of catchers equipment. The set includes a full set of high quality Mizuno catcher gear. The Mizuno catchers gear set includes a pair of leg guards and a chest protector. The set also includes a hockey style face mask. So, you can get your complete Mizuno Samurai Intermediate Catchers Gear Set SAMSETI today. Here is a list of the specifications of each piece of this Samurai catcher s gear set. This list is quite long. However, each feature adds to the quality of this set.

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Mizuno Catcher s Gear Set

Catchers Face Mask:

Mizuno Samurai G4 Catcher Helmet:
  • Strategic air system for breathability, which also reduces discomfort
  • 3 layer EVA foam padding
  • Strong steel framed mask for maximum protection also provides durability
  • Adjustable jaw pad provides moisture control and a soft feel
  • Meets NOSCAE standard
  • Size: 7 1/4"- 7 5/8"
  • 380191

NOCSAE Certified Chest Protector:

Mizuno Samurai Chest Protector:
  • NOCSAE Certified
  • New design
  • DryLite inner liner
  • PNP- Personalized name plate - removable neck pad
  • Innovative construction - durability meets comfort despite a light weight build
  • Low Rebound Technology
  • Detachable wings for protection
  • MSCP1500 includes tail pad
  • Removable shoulder pads
  • 15"
  • 380379

Leg Guards

Mizuno Samurai Leg Guards:
  • New design
  • Innovative construction for comfort in addition to lightweight performance
  • Patented detachable K-Pad for a superior fit also provides knee protection
  • Flexible triple knee cup
  • Stainless metal buckles
  • Grippy DryLite printing reduces slipping
  • Additional protection on inner shin
  • Movable toe cap is also detachable
  • 15.5"
  • 380409

The Mizuno Samurai Intermediate Catchers Gear Set is one of the more popular items.

If you look to compare this Mizuno Samurai catcher s gear to the other sets on the market, you will see why it s so popular. Quality, style and comfort make this set stand out. Especially on the Baseball Bargains website, and for good reason too. We carry the full line of Samurai catchers gear. Therefore if you are looking for any size of Mizuno baseball or Mizuno softball catchers gear you will find it here. So, shop now and save on this great Mizuno Samurai catchers gear set. Looking for great fastpitch catchers gear? Then, check out the Mizuno Samurai fastpitch catchers gear on our website.