Mizuno Samurai Youth Catchers Gear Set SAMSETY

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Mizuno Samurai Youth Catchers Gear Set SAMSETY

Mizuno Samurai Youth Catchers Gear Set SAMSETY

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Mizuno Samurai Youth Catchers Gear Set Features:

The Mizuno Samurai Youth Catchers Gear Set is considered the best youth catchers gear available by many players. All young ball players suiting up behind the plate need top of the line equipment. like this Mizuno catcher s gear set to help them excel during their developing years. First of all, the Mizuno Samurai Youth Catchers Gear Set comes with stylish youth Mizuno catchers gear in a variety of different colors that youth players will love. The Mizuno Samurai Youth Catchers Gear Set also comes with a G4 Catcher s Helmet, a Chest Protector and Leg Guards. These three pieces of Samurai catching gear are also purchasable in different sizes. So you can create a custom fit mizuno catcher s gear set

Mizuno Youth Catching Gear

As a result, parents and coaches provide their young catcher with the best fitting equipment for their own needs. If your young player outgrows a certain item of samurai catcher s gear, you can either plan to order a bigger version of the piece of Mizuno catcher gear as a replacement or buy multiple sets to present options. Either way the youth Mizuno Samurai catchers gear set is a great choice. The Mizuno Samurai G4 youth catchers set is the some of the best catchers gear Mizuno manufactures. So, you will be making a wise choice to go with this Mizuno youth catching gear.

Mizuno Youth Catcher s Gear is considered the best youth catchers gear

Next, the G4 Helmet in the Mizuno Youth Catcher s Gear Set features a strategic ventilation system, helping keep players cool under their mask. So, defenders wearing this Mizuno catchers mask will always remain comfortable, thanks to the three-layer EVA foam padding inside of it. Although incredibly safe already, an adjustable jaw pad is included as well for optimal protection. Another asset of this Mizuno catcher s gear set is that the helmet has is strong steel framed mask that protects against any form of contact. The Mizuno catchers mask comes in sizes of 6 _ inches to 7 _ inches, and also meets the NOSCAE standard of play. With this Mizuno catcher s gear, they cover all of the bases.

Mizuno Samurai Catchers Gear Chest Protector and Leg Guards

The Chest Protector in the Mizuno Samurai Youth Catchers Gear Set includes a DryLite inner liner. Additionally, the blocking of wild throws is easier than ever for catchers as a result of the Low Rebound Technology on the protector. The detachable shoulder pads are also wide-ranging for protective purposes. The fact that they are detachable allows this Mizuno catching gear to be less cumbersome for the young backstop. Finally, newly designed Leg Guards include a patented detachable K-Pad and a triple knee cup. The Grippy DryLite on the guards help your legs stay cool and comfortable at all times. A detachable and movable toe cap on the item adds even more comfort and protection to this Mizuno catcher s gear set. Lastly, the guards have stainless metal buckles and come in a size of 14.5 inches. They are the cherry on top of this Mizuno Samurai youth catchers set. They are also top of the line.

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Mizuno Catcher s Gear Set Components:

This Mizuno catcher s gear comes complete with leg guards, chest protector and cathers helmet.

The Mizuno Samurai youth baseball catcher s package includes:

Mizuno Samurai G4 Catchers Helmet Features:

  • New design
  • Strategic ventilation system
  • 3 layer EVA foam padding
  • Strong steel framed mask
  • Adjustable jaw pad for fit and comfort
  • Meets NOSCAE standard
  • Size: 6 1/2"- 7 1/4"
  • model 380192

Mizuno NOCSAE Certified Samurai Chest Protector Features:

  • NOCSAE Certified
  • New design
  • DryLite inner liner keeps you cool
  • Low Rebound Technology - keeps blocked balls close
  • Detachable shoulder pads for protection and comfort
  • Length 14"
  • Model 380378

Mizuno Samurai Leg Guards Features:

  • New design
  • Patented detachable K-Pad
  • triple knee cup protects up through the thigh
  • Stainless metal buckles
  • Grippy DryLite
  • Detachable/ movable toe cap for comfort and added protection
  • Length 14.5"
  • Model 380383

Mizuno Samurai Catcher s Gear Set - SAMSETY

So, be sure to purchase this Mizuno youth catchers gear set on our website today! The Mizuno catching gear set will help you stand out on the field. You can also find the pieces of Samurai catching gear sold separately on our site as well.