Mizuno Samurai Adult Catchers Set SAMSETA

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Mizuno Samurai Adult Catchers Set SAMSETA

Mizuno Samurai Adult Catchers Set SAMSETA

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Mizuno Samurai Adult Catchers Set SAMSETA Features:

This Set includes Mizuno Samurai G4 catchers helmet, Mizuno Samurai chest protector and leg guards. Samurais are often considered the ultimate warrior. When it comes to baseball and softball, catchers are often considered their game s ultimate warriors. No other players on the field face endure through as much of a daily grind as catchers do. As a result, they require top notch equipment to help them perform at the highest of levels. Regardless of whether you are the team s relied upon warrior, or just the part-time, backup catcher, you can certainly help your cause by purchasing the Mizuno Samurai Adult Catchers Set SAMSETA. This adult Mizuno catchers gear set is one of the most popular adult catcher s sets on the market, and it is also sure to make a positive impact on any player residing behind the dish.

Adult Mizuno Catchers Gear

Additionally, this Adult Mizuno catchers gear set is available in 15 color different options. There are also seven different helmet color options. While the games of both baseball and softball provide a difficult battle for players at the catcher s position each day, there is no more to fear when purchasing Mizuno s safest and most productive of sets. If you are a catcher, make sure you are properly equipped for multiple battles. To do so, is to purchase the Mizuno Samurai Adult Catchers Set SAMSETA. This Adult Mizuno catchers gear set comes at a great price. So, be sure to order the Mizuno catchers gear adult model today!

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G4 Helmet Features:

  • New design
  • Strategic ventilation system for comfort and breathability
  • 3 layer EVA foam padding
  • Strong steel framed mask for maximum protection and durability
  • Adjustable jaw pad provides moisture control and soft feel
  • Meets NOSCAE standard
  • Size: 7 1/4"- 7 5/8"
  • 380191

NOCSAE Certified Chest Protector Features:

  • NOCSAE Certified
  • New design
  • DryLite inner liner
  • PNP- Personalized name plate - removable neck pad for personalization
  • Innovative construction for durability, comfort, and very lightweight performance
  • Low Rebound Technology
  • Patented detachable wings for customized protection and fit
  • MSCP1500 includes tail pad
  • Detachable shoulder pads
  • 16"
  • 380380

Leg Guards Features:

  • New design
  • Innovative construction for durability and comfort despite a very lightweight build
  • Patented detachable K-Pad for a superior fit and critical knee protection
  • Flexible, protective triple knee cup
  • Stainless metal buckles for durability
  • Grippy DryLite printing reduces slipping
  • Additional protection on inner shin
  • Detachable/ movable toe cap
  • 16.5"
  • 380408
This Mizuno adult catchers gear set is also available in intermediate and youth sizes.