Mizuno MVP Backpack 22

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Mizuno MVP Backpack 22

Mizuno MVP Backpack 22

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Mizuno MVP Backpack 22

If you are looking for an equipment bag that will make you look like a pro, choose the Mizuno MVP Backpack 22. Along with having an elite looking and compact exterior, it does a tremendous job of effectively storing your equipment. This item comes at a highly competitive price, and is a must buy for serious players. Carrying this bag allows the players using it to move easily when walking around the field. This is thanks to its lightweight and breathable shoulder straps. This item, which weighs very little, is one of the most comfortable bat packs available for purchase. It will not leave you with the upper body aches and pains that other heavier equipment bags may. The Mizuno MVP Backpack 22 also has lots of storage options. It even includes a pair of sleeves on the side for players to carry their bats in. With these secure holders, there is no need to worry about bats becoming loose or falling to the ground. There will also be no need to make extra trips to the car to get the rest of your bats and other equipment. This is because this bag can carry it all.

Mizuno Backpack Features

Other features are included in this item. For example, there are mesh pockets and a front utility pocket, provide additional places to keep your pieces of equipment and personal items. This is a great place for players to leave their valuables. You can keep your cell phones, jewelry, and wallets, safe while you re busy out on the field. This backpack also has a beverage pouch, which will help drinks stay cool. Player s will love that their beverages will still be cool after a long afternoon practice out on the field. When you do get ready to take the field, you can leave your Mizuno Batpack hanging on a nearby dugout fence. This is thanks to the bag s J-Hook fence hanger. This helps the pack avoid becoming dirty or cleated while on the floor of the dugout. This may help extend the life of the bag. This backpack will not likely be done after just one season. This is a product you can use for multiple years. This high quality item features a great looking design, and comes available in four different color choices. Customers can order the bag in one of seven color combinations, which include  black, black/red, black/navy,  black/royal, states camo, black/charcoal and black/white. If you are looking to operate like a professional baseball or softball player this season, do not miss out on purchasing the Mizuno MVP Backpack 22. All of the convenience and comfort this product has to offer you off of the field, will aid in you in taking your game to an all-star level on the field.

SKU: 360318

Size: 21"x11.5"x13"