Mizuno Adult Samurai Catchers Helmet 380191

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Mizuno Adult Samurai Catchers Helmet 380191

Mizuno Adult Samurai Catchers Helmet 380191

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Mizuno Adult Samurai Catchers Helmet

The Mizuno Adult Samurai Catchers Helmet features a lightweight design with a strong steel cage. As a result, this helmet provides durable protection. It is strengthened with three-layer EVA foam padding and also has strategically placed vents. This allows for exceptional comfort and breathability. The jaw pad is adjustable. It is also lined with moisture-wicking material. This will help keep you cool behind the plate. This helmet will also be able to withstand even the hardest fastballs. Therefore, it will keep you protected for the many years to come. To be the best, you need the best. Thus, the Mizuno Adult Samurai Catchers Helmet will take your game to all new heights. These days, an exciting debate has been growing in the sport of baseball. This discussion involves the gear worn by catchers. Hockey masks, or traditional masks? For a time, Hockey masks became the new standard. They replaced traditional masks as the most popular head protection. Then, traditional looking "Retro" masks came back in style. However, when it comes to safety there is no competition. Hockey style masks offer protection to the back of the head. Yet,traditional masks do not offer that protection.

Mizuno Catchers Helmet

Regardless of which you prefer, it is important to have a catchers helmet that comes with all you need for safety and performance. You do not want a mask that limits your visibility. Nor do you want a mask leaves you unprotected. Thus with the Mizuno Adult Samurai Catchers Helmet, you know what you re getting. You get a state of the art product capable of providing the comfort, protection and vision you need. It also will impress onlooking spectators with its design as well.

  • New design
  • lightweight
  • Ventilation system
  • 3 layer foam padding
  • Strong steel framed mask
  • Thins bars
  • Exceptional visibility, breathability
  • Adjustable jaw pad
  • Moisture-wicking liner
  • Meets NOSCAE standard
  • 380191