All Star System 7 Traditional Facemask FM4000

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All Star System 7 Traditional Facemask FM4000

All Star System 7 Traditional Facemask FM4000

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All Star System 7 Traditional Facemask FM4000 Features:

There are plenty of great looking catcher s face masks and helmets on the market today. But if you are a catcher looking for a more traditional face mask design, consider purchasing the All Star System 7 Traditional Facemask FM4000. This product has a great familiar look and feel. It also is one of the most protective and efficient catcher s masks available to players today. Catchers will have no problem seeing the entire field while wearing the All Star System 7 Traditional Facemask FM4000, thanks to its I-BAR Vision technology. This technology which is found on many of the All Star company s fine masks, uses singular flat vertical bars in the center of the All Star catchers mask, rather than obstructive rounded bars. The range of view for catchers will increase dramatically when they wear this mask, and as a result, so will their defensive abilities.

All Star Catchers Mask Provides Comfort and Safety

This All Star catcher s facemask is also extremely safe, thanks to its LUC style padding. The item features a curved forehead bar, to allow for more padding in the forehead area. This results in your head remaining more stable. Thus, it gives you a better chance to avoid injury when you are struck by a ball, bat, or another player. The strong vertical bar, which is located right in the front and center of this mask, keeps your face out of harm s way during games. The All Star catchers mask weighs less than two pounds. Therefore, it is an easy item for catchers to move around in and whip off at any moment. This catcher s mask provides a fantastic fit for just about any adult player. While it does have a traditional look, that does not mean players do not have the ability to customize it to their liking. This All Star catchers mask is available to purchase in four different color options. These color choices include, black, navy, red, and royal. It will be easy for catchers to buy this model in a color that matches the colors of their team.

All Star Catcher Mask

Those that decide to purchase this fine catcher s mask can feel comfortable knowing that the product comes from a top of the line sporting goods company. All Star Sporting Goods, has developed a reputation as one of the best softball equipment providers in the industry. Over the years, the All Star company has aided thousands of players in putting together All Star level seasons. They can do the same for you. The All Star System 7 Traditional Facemask FM4000 may have a great traditional look. However, there is nothing traditional about the technology included in it. This product helps catchers perform at a high level out on the field. It will keep them safe and comfortable at all times. This catcher s face mask, comes at an All Star level price, so do not miss out on this item. Order this All Star Catchers mask today from the Baseball Bargains website, for your next league or tournament. All Star Catcher Mask features:
  • absolute best vision and deflective Properties for catcher s Masks
  • Strong vertical center bar right in the front/center of the Mask
  • curved forehead bar
  • LUC style padding
  • FM4000