Evoshield XVT 2.0 Gloss Baseball Helmet

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Evoshield XVT 2.0 Gloss Baseball Helmet

Evoshield XVT 2.0 Gloss Baseball Helmet

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Evoshield XVT 2.0 Gloss Baseball Helmet

The EvoShield XVT 2.0 gloss baseball helmet is one of the best helmets on the market for both protection and comfort. This will ultimately help players feel confident at the play. This is because of the excellent protection that EvoShield provides players with this baseball helmet. When players feel that they are safe and are comfortable, they relax. The most important thing at the plate is to have a clear head. So, just having an excellent helmet can put your brain at ease and allow players to be successful at the plate. The reason for players success lies in the amount of features that EvoShield puts into these great baseball helmets. Players consistently are looking at the features of the products they purchase. The most important feature of this batting helmet is its lightweight dual density padding. The point of this is to absorb the shock of the ball when it hits a player. It also disperses the energy of the ball throughout the entire helmet. So, not only one area of the helmet absorbs all of the impact. This results in superior protection for players. The venting system of the helmet will also help players stay cool on the hottest summer says. It is also extremely easy to attach accessories because there is pre mounted hardware for accessories. So, you can add a face mask with little effort.

EvoShield Batting Helmets

These Evoshield batting helmets provide both comfort and protection. The EvoShield company specializes in protective equipment. So, why wouldn't they produce one of the best batting helmets on the market. The answer to this question is simple, they do produce the best. This is where the EvoShield XVT 2.0 batting helmet comes into play. Come find one of the best helmets on the market at the Baseball Bargains website! 
  • Lightweight Dual Density Padding: strategically placed for maximum comfort and protection
  • Premium Glossy  Finish
  • Venting System: strategically placed vents keep head cool
  • Pre Mounted Hardware: easy to attach accessories, chin strap or accessories
  • Product has been certified by SEI to meet NOCSAE standards
  • S/M ( 6 1/2 -7 1/8)
  • M/L (6 7/8 - 7 1/2)
  • L/XL (7 1/4 - 7 7/8)
  • Meets NOCSAE Standards