Demarini Protege WTD5424 Softball Helmet With Mask

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Demarini Protege WTD5424 Softball Helmet With Mask

Demarini Protege WTD5424 Softball Helmet With Mask

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Demarini Protege WTD5424 Softball Helmet With Mask Features:

DeMarini Protege WTD5424 Softball Helmet With Mask is for every hitter, whether it be baseball or softball, with big goals in mind at the plate. But in order for batters to best achieve those goals, it is important that they step up to the plate in a batting helmet the provides them a high level of protection and comfort.The DeMarini Protege WTD5424 Softball Helmet With Mask provides just that batting helmet, and is a must buy for every player this season. This batting helmet is an extremely safe option for hitters stepping into the batter s box this year. This results from it s interior featuring dual-density foam padding that is lined with antimicrobial fabric to keep you comfortable, protected and bacteria-free. This helmet will help limit any skull impact that might occur from a ball potentially striking your head. Hitters never like to think about such a thing happening, but if it does, you can at least know that with a DeMarini brand helmet you will be protected. It also comes with a high-quality built in protective facial mask. This feature will keep your face from being damaged, without obstructing your line of vision. These Demarini helmets provide fantastic sight lines through the bars that guard your face.

Demarini Helmet

The DeMarini Protege Softball Helmet also is a very comfortable item for the players that choose to wear it walking out of the dugout. It features a strategic venting system, which keeps the hitter wearing it cool and sweat free at the plate. This is something that comes in handy during those hot summer afternoon games, or high pressure late game moments. These Demarini helmets come from one of the highest quality and most reliable sporting goods company in the industry, DeMarini. It is also a Wilson brand product. Those choosing to buy this product should feel comfortable knowing that these two reliable brands are behind making it.

Demarini Helmets with Mask

The DeMarini Protege WTD5424 Softball Helmet With Mask has a sleek and attractive design. These Demarini helmets feature a low-profile shell and a glossy finish on the exterior. Customers can feel free to customize this fine product to their liking. There are a variety of color options for you to choose from, including black, charcoal, navy, royal, scarlet, and white. This product, while extremely effective at protecting the head, still manages to be lightweight. The item weighs just 0.3 pounds, allowing its user easier head mobility. It also comes in several sizes, including large/extra-large, small/medium, and youth. With a high protection and comfort level and a great look to go with it, the DeMarini Protege Two Tone Batting Helmet With Mask WTD5424 has everything you can want from a batting helmet. So give yourself a chance to put up big offensive numbers this season. Invest in one of the best batting helmets on the market. When it comes to your head, use your head, and buy a fine DeMarini product like this one.


  • Dual Density Padding
  • Gloss finish
  • Strategic Venting System
  • Low-profile shell
  • WTD5424