All Star FM4000 Sun Visor

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All Star FM4000 Sun Visor

All Star FM4000 Sun Visor

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All Star FM4000 Sun Visor

Are you a catcher that wears the All Star lightweight FM4000 facemask? Do you play a lot of day games?  Does the glare from stadium lights affect you vision? If so, then you need the The All Star FM4000 Sun Visor. This little piece of equipment is vital to your success. It protects your eyes with no effort. You will not have to worry about the glare of the sun or field lights with this simple tool. Adding this small piece of equipment to your catcher's set will also help you play your best. HEadaches from the bright sunlight will be a thing of the past.

Catchers Mask Visor

A new item available from the legendary All Star company, the All Star FM4000 Sun Visor is made of durable plastic. IT is designed to fit the FM4000 catchers mask perfectly. This catchers mask visor can easily be attached to the cage of a FM4000 catcher's mask, using the convenient top facemask straps. Thus, there is absolutely no hardware needed to attach this item. All Star is a company that catchers can trust for all of their equipment needs. Even All Star caliber catchers like Jonathan Lucroy choose to use All Star items behind the plate. This visor is a highly effective mask add-on, and will work just as well, if not better than a pair of top quality sunglasses would.  Never let the sun get in your way of calling a great game. Get this All Star FM4000 Sun Visor now, and stay in command on the field. Order now!

  • Sun Visor Only
  • Image pictures FMSV4 on FM4000 mask
  • Lightweight design
  • Straps directly to the top facemask pad
  • No hardware required
  • Compatible with FM4000 Series masks only