Mizuno Samurai Adult Leg Guards

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Mizuno Samurai Adult Leg Guards

Mizuno Samurai Adult Leg Guards

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Mizuno Samurai Adult Leg Guards

Catchers have about a thousand things to worry about during games. Having their shin guards come loose should absolutely not be one of them. Fortunately for catchers, the Mizuno company has produced a fantastic pair of adult shin guards. They are guaranteed to stay secure on catcher s legs at all times while they are out in the field. These Mizuno Samurai Adult Leg Guards 380408 come with technology that can make that guarantee for catchers. It allows them to keep their head focused on the actual game at hand, instead their malfunctioning equipment. The newly designed Mizuno Samurai Adult Leg Guards feature grippy drylite and stainless metal buckles. These two features ensure that catchers will never have their shin guards feel loose or malfunction while playing behind the plate. The guards also come with a flexible double-knee. Not only will this feature keep catchers knees safe and protected, but it will also allow them to remain incredibly athletic while defending. Adding to the safety of this item, is the added protection it has on the inner shin area, a detachable and movable toe cap, and a patented detachable K-Pad for further knee security. Your Mizuno Samurai Adult Leg Guards will also stay sweat free during games and practices, because of the DryLite technology that lines both exterior and interior of the item. The lining does a great job of removing moisture from the legs of a catcher. It also keeps them cool and comfortable at all times. The guards come in a size of 16.5 inches, and weigh less than one pound. This makes it an easy pair of shin protectors for almost every player to wear comfortably on their legs. Players will love the design of these shin guards, and the many colors they can choose to order it in. This product is available in a total of 10 different color combinations. Thus, it is easy for catchers to find a version of this item that matches up with the colors of their team. This product comes from one of the top and most reliable sporting goods companies in the industry, in Mizuno. This manufacturer has been around for over a century. They understand what players truly need to succeed out on the field and in the batter s box. When it comes to sporting goods equipment that you plan on using at a frequent level for multiple years, going to an experienced seller like Mizuno is always a good idea. The Mizuno Samurai Adult Leg Guards are the perfect shin guards for adult catchers. Not only does this product provide them a great fit and level of protection, but it also comes at a very affordable price. Make sure you add these shin guards to your Baseball Bargains online shopping cart today, and watch the amazing defensive results you receive during your next league or tournament.

Mizuno Adult Leg Guards

  • New design
  • Patented detachable K-Pad
  • Flexible, protective triple knee cup
  • Stainless metal buckles
  • Grippy DryLite
  • Additional protection on inner shin
  • Detachable/ movable toe cap, rather than built-in
  • 16.5"
  • 380408