Mizuno Samurai Youth Leg Guards

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Mizuno Samurai Youth Leg Guards

Mizuno Samurai Youth Leg Guards

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Mizuno Samurai Youth Leg Guards

The Mizuno Samurai Youth Leg Guards 380383 are lightweight and durable. They are built with a flexible triple-kneecap and a durable K-Pad for crucial knee protection. The triple knee helps protect the vulnerable parts of the knee. In addition, it protects the upper thigh against the foul tips that bruise the catchers lap. The Mizuno Youth Samurai Leg Guards are lined with DryLite technology that wicks away moisture and keeps you cool behind the plate. There is also additional protection on the inner shin. This also allows for a comfortable feel. They also have a detachable toe cap. This toe cap provides added protection to the normally exposed top of the foot. Thus, all of these features make the Mizuno Samurai Youth Leg Guards an ideal set of shin guards for the young catcher. The Mizuno Samurai Youth Leg Guards are perfect for protecting youth-level catchers. They also can add flair to the young backstop s game with all of the color combinations available. With 10 different color combinations to choose from, you can spice up the position. Mizuno offers matching chest protectors to make a full set of catchers gear. So you can match up to any teams color scheme with the Mizuno Samurai catchers equipment. Mizuno also offers their shin guards in three sizes. They are available in Youth, Intermediate, and adult. This innovative gear is produced by Mizuno. The have been an up and coming company for many years and are now considered one of the elite in the sporting goods industry. Therefore, they are a manufacturer that you can trust. So,be sure to order your Mizuno Samurai Youth Leg Guards 380383 today on the Baseball Bargains website.

Mizuno Leg Guards

  • Patented detachable K-Pad
  • Flexible, protective triple knee cap
  • Stainless metal buckles
  • Grip Tech
  • 14.5"
  • More protection on inner shin
  • 380383