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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Mizuno Samurai Catchers Gear

Get some additional information about the Mizuno Samurai catchers gear by reading the questions and answers below.

Is Samurai Catchers Gear High Quality?

Mizuno Samurai catcher's gear has been one of the most popular lines for decades. You cannot be such a mainstay in the industry if you are not high quality. The comfort and protection provided by Mizuno Samurai gear is tops in the industry

Can I choose any Color or Size Catchers Helmet When I buy a Samurai Catchers Set?

When you purchase a Samurai catchers gear set, you have some flexibility in the color option for the catchers helmet, but the size helmet for the set is constant. However, you can build your set by adding the pieces to your cart separately. Thus you can choose any size or color for each piece in the set you build.

What make Samurai Youth Catchers Gear Different from Other High Quality Catchers Gear?

The biggest difference is the wrap around protection provided by both the Samurai youth leg guards and youth chest protector. More of the catchers bode is covered by the gear, thus the catcher is more thoroughly protected.