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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Discount Bats

Getting the most information you can before you choose your bat will help you select the best model for your needs.

Are your discount bats blems or demos?

No, every bat we sell is a brand new bat. We do not sell blems or demos on our website.

When are discount bats available?

Discount bats are typically available right before the manufacturers come out with their new models. The time of year vary by the brand. Also, the style of bats, like BBCOR bats, fastpitch softball bats, and youth bats have different times of the year when the new models are released. So, you should check the Baseball Bargains website throughout the year for the best deals on discount bats.

Do discount bats come with a warranty?

Other than wood bats that do not have a warranty, all other bats have a one year manufacturers warranty from the date of purchase.  That warranty is regardless of the purchase price. So, if the bat had a warranty before it was discounted, it has the warranty after.