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BBCOR bats are a great option for any ballplayer. What makes these models so great is they make the game safer. BBCOR is the newest certification that must appear on every bat used for High School play as well as Middle school and adult play for many areas of the country. This certification measures the trampoline effect of the bat to decide whether or not a bat is legal or illegal. This method of testing bat models has been very successful in improving safety. BBCOR baseball bats tend to perform very similar to wood models. However, they are more forgiving in that they tend to have a wider sweet spot.  This is particularly true with models with composite barrels. The wider sweet spot lets you hit the ball more consistently since there is more area on the bat that provides the maximum performance.

In addition, the composite and alloy BBCOR bat models are much more durable than a wood bat.  They can take miss hits off the handle and end of the barrel and come away unscathed. So, they will last a lot longer than a wood bat since they are less susceptible to breakage. Where they perform like wood is in the distance and velocity produced by these styles. They no longer enhance a players abilities. They give a better read on a hitter's talent . When selecting your bbcor bat, pay attention to the balance of the weight of the bat. . The balance gives models that weigh the same a completely different feel. An end loaded model is for a power hitter.  The trick is that you have to be able to get the extra barrel weight through the zone with maximum bat speed. The balanced models have a lighter feel when you swing them. These models are preferred by gap or contact hitters.  They allow for better bat control, and tend to help maintain a higher batting average.

Drop 3 Baseball Bats = BBCOR Baseball Bats

What also makes these models great is the wide variety of bats that are bbcor certified. Every drop 3 bat you see on the market sports a BBCOR stamp on it. Having so many with the certification is a great thing. You will have lots of BBCOR baseball bats to choose from. This widespread certification ensures that there is a  drop 3 bat that suits your needs and budget. From the best models to cheap BBCOR bats, we have them all.  We carry all of the models from the top brands like Easton, Demarini, Louisville Slugger, Marucci, Rawlings and more. So, check out our selection and purchase one of our bbcor bats today.

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