Akadema Travel Ball Barbell Training Bat

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Akadema Travel Ball Barbell Training Bat

Akadema Travel Ball Barbell Training Bat

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Akadema Travel Ball Barbell Training Bat

Are you a ball player playing on a team that is constantly traveling? Well here is one item you will want to make sure is in your equipment bag. Make sure you bring the Akadema Travel Ball Barbell Training Bat to have city you travel to. It is a practice item that helps hitters develop more strength and power in the batter s box. It comes in a unique barbell design with a cool look, while having a barbell-like effect on your hands. Here is why you need to pack this training bat for every road trip you take.

Akadema Training Bat Features:

The Akadema Travel Ball Barbell Training Bat comes in a size of 32 inches, which should allow it to be a great training tool for a wide range of hitters. This is a Pro-Level Quality item that some of the best hitters around use to improve their power at the plate. This barbell-style training bat can strengthen a player s top and bottom hands. Players can swing the bat in just about any practice situation, including during tee drills, soft toss exercises, and on deck swings. After swinging this bat for a little while, normal game bats will feel light as a feather in your hands. With your hands being stronger than ever, you will really be able to get force and speed behind every swing you take, and should see a major increase in your offensive results.

This great looking Akadema Travel Ball Barbell Training Bat is available for order on our Baseball Bargains website now! It comes in a terrific all-black design, and features the Akadema company logo on its barrel. You can also find a special barbell logo on this bat. Become the power hitter you have always dreamed about being by ordering this amazing training tool. It comes at a great price tag, so order now!

The 32" Akadema Weighted Wood Training Bat is approximately 46 oz.,