Akadema Barbell Training Bat

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Akadema Barbell Training Bat

Akadema Barbell Training Bat

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Akadema Barbell Training Bat

The Akadema Barbell Training bat helps produce successful at the plate. Successful baseball hitters usually have one thing all in common, and that is strong hands. Having powerful hands can allow batters to do more offensively, and really get some force behind their battle balls. There are many ways to develop hand strength. One of the easiest way is to use this Akadema Barbell Training Bat. This is a Pro Level Quality item, that features a unique barbell like design. This design can quickly turn you into a powerhouse in the batter s box. The item is quite affordable, and you can order it right here on our Baseball Bargains website. So, you should definitely give it a try. Here is why this training bat should be part of every great hitter s equipment collection.

Barbell Bat

The Akadema Barbell Bat can help build strength in a hitter s bottom or top swinging hand during their tee drills, soft toss drills, or time in the on deck circle. The bat has extra weight in the perfect place, giving the hands of hitters quite the workout every time they swing away. The bat comes in an all-black design, and features the great looking Akadema logo right on its barrel. Just because this is a practice bat, does not mean it can t look awesome. This Barbell bat comes from the Akadema Sporting Goods company. While this manufacturer is still a fairly young one, they have developed a strong understanding of what athletes need to succeed at the plate.

You can trust Akadema for your in-game bat needs, and training bat needs too. Get your hands pumped up and strong for your next season of hitting, by using this Akadema Barbell Training Bat. Building up strong hands can help you have a much easier time swinging heavier bats, and can help you generate a high bat speed. Order the Akadema Barbell training bat today, and get a hand up on the competition.


The 34" bat is approximately 50 oz.