Easton Thunderstick T10 33 in Adult Training Bat

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Easton Thunderstick T10 33 in Adult Training Bat

Easton Thunderstick T10 33 in Adult Training Bat

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Easton Thunderstick T10 33 inch Adult Training Bat Features:

The Easton Thunderstick T10 33 inch Adult Training Bat is the perfect choice when looking to develop hand eye coordination. The 1 inch diameter barrell of the T10 forces the batter to maximize focus when hitting soft toss. The Easton Thunderstick can be used with both regular baseballs and softballs, but you can get the most development when training with the wiffle golf balls which are sold separately on our website. It s a very simple concept. If you are looking to maximize your hitting the baseball on the sweetspot. The Easton Thunderstick baseball training bat is the ideal tool to develop your swing. If you can hit a 1.6 inch diameter wiffle golf ball with just a 1 inch diameter bat, then hitting a baseball with the sweetspot of your baseball or softball bat will be that much easier.

Easton Training Bat

You will increase your bat control. Thus, you will raise your batting average when you train with the T10 Thunderstick baseball training bat from Easton. Simple soft toss drills with the Thunderstick will show massive improvements in you success at the plate. Easton has been the innovator in baseball and softball equipment for decades. This training bat is just one of the many pieces of equipment that Easton has introduced to the industry. The Easton Thunderstick is a simple and effective tool for improving your ability to hit a ball with authority.
  • Training Series
  • Adult model T10
  • Ideal for both Baseball and Softball
  • 1 inch diameter barrel
  • Improves hand-eye coordination
  • 33 inch Length
  • 37oz
  • Also available in youth 30 inch size T11
  • A111 481

So, improving your game with this essential tool from Easton. The Easton Thunderstick should be in very ballplayers equipment bag. It should also be in every coaches bag as well. Get yours today on the baseball Bargains website.