Mizuno Pro Fungo 37 Baseball Bat

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Mizuno Pro Fungo 37 Baseball Bat

Mizuno Pro Fungo 37 Baseball Bat

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Mizuno Pro Fungo 37 Baseball Bat

The Mizuno Pro Fungo 37 Baseball Bat comes in a variety of colors that most fungos are not available in, and they are sure to catch your eye. The Mizuno Fungo is made of multiple pieces of Chinese white wood which produces maximum durability. The fungo is extremely lightweight and has an outstanding feel, giving you maximum performance. The Mizuno Pro Fungo 37 Baseball Bat gives you everything you need to hit the high fly balls, hard grounders and sharp liners. Want a bat that is like no other? Well check out Mizuno s newest rendition of the famous fungo style bat. The Mizuno Pro Fungo 37 Baseball Bat is not only one of the coolest looking fungo bats on the market today, it s one of the best performing fungo bats. If you are looking to rock a top notch fungo bat during your next season of ball, this Mizuno product is absolutely for you. Here are some of the reasons to buy this unique item. The Mizuno Pro Fungo 37 Baseball Bat is constructed to be stronger than your average fungo bat, as it has been made from advanced engineered Chinese Whitewood material. The bat features multiple pieces of this fantastic wood material, and as a result, offer tremendous durability. This is a fungo bat you will likely be using for many games to come. This wood material also ensures that hitters will make strong contact on every ball they get to. This awesome bat is also easy to handle up at the plate. It s extremely lightweight design will make the item feel light as a feather in your hands. Generating bat speed will be absolutely no issue with this bat. The lightness of the bat also makes it easy for hitters to control where they hit the ball. Coaches can uses the bat during fielding practices to hit high fly balls, hard grounders, and sharp liners. Mizuno is one of the world s leading sports equipment companies, and has been for over a century. This Mizuno Pro Fungo 37 Baseball Bat is one of their latest and greatest innovations, and is a bat that fulfill a number of different needs for players and coaches during their next season. The bat comes in five great color options. Order it right here on our Baseball Bargains website for a price you will love. Add it to your online shopping cart today!

Mizuno Fungo Bat

  • Advanced engineered Chinese Whitewood composite
  • Multiple pieces of Chinese Whitewood utilized for maximum performance and durability
  • Extremely lightweight design
  • Outstanding feel
  • Superior durability
  • SKU: 340626