Akadema BP Maple Weight Trainer Bat

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Akadema BP Maple Weight Trainer Bat

Akadema BP Maple Weight Trainer Bat

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Akadema BP Maple Weight Trainer Bat Features:

Looking for a heavy bat to help improve your skills at the plate. Give this Akadema BP Maple Weight Trainer Bat. This is a bat that you can use during batting practice, and over time will help you improve as a hitter in a variety of ways. Developing power at the plate does not just happen overnight. Even the best need a little help in becoming an elite hitter in their lineup. This weight trainer should get you where you want to be as a hitter, and here is how. With Akadema BP Maple Weight Trainer Bat, hitters will have a chance to work on their bat speed. Taking swings with this bat during your batting practice sessions, will make your actual game bat feel like a feather. Having a high bat speed is key to really generating a high exit velocity off your bat. You will hit balls harder than ever before after just a little time using this training product. This is a training bat that can also help you develop more upper body strength. Since this bat is heavier than the average game bat, your upper body should get quite the workout every time you swing away with it during batting practice. Soon you will see your hands, wrists, and forearms growing stronger than ever before. And with an increased level of strength in these areas, you will be able to drive balls deep into the outfield during your next season of play. This Akadema bat comes in three different sizes. The sizes are 32/35 oz., 33/36 oz., and 34/37 oz. There is no faster way to become a faster and stronger hitter, than using this Akadema BP Maple Weight Trainer Bat during your batting practice sessions. You will feel physically strong after a little time with this tool, and soon turn into a monstrous hitter. Order this training bat from our Baseball Bargains website today!