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Baseball and Softball Bats

The most obvious difference between Baseball and Softball Bats is their respective lengths. The most commonly used length for each type of bat is: baseball - 32", fastpitch softball - 33", slow pitch - 34" youth - 30".

Another difference between softball and baseball bats is the weight. Adult slow-pitch bats the most popular weight is 28oz. However, variations in the location of the balance point in individual bats can make the of 28oz bat feel much lighter. It can also make it feel much heavier than its actual weight. A Fastpitch softball bat is lighter than a slow-pitch model. This allows for better bat speed and control. The range of weights for adult baseball bats is much smaller because of the rules requiring a weight/length ratio that does not exceed -3.

Other than length differences, the second most glaring distinction between baseball and softball bats is the barrel diameters. Those on baseball bats are traditionally thicker than those on softball bats. The barrels of baseball bats, which are used for play under college and high school rules, are 2-5/8" in diameter. Adult softball bats are thinner, with barrel diameters of only 2-1/4". Youth bats have the same diameter as adult slow pitch bats.

Fast-pitch bats often have a barrel that takes up almost half the length of the bat. These create a shorter taper region and are design to provide an expanded and more responsive hitting surface while allowing a hitter to make better contact. 

Youth Softball Bat Differences

Youth softball bat differences with youth baseball bats are hard to detect. The weight drop and certification are the main differences. A youth softball bat and a youth baseball bat have very similar construction. At the adult level, they design baseball and softball bat models to match their respective games. Conceivably you could use a baseball bat to play softball, as long as you can adjust to the slightly shorter total length, and the heavier weight. 

You could use a slow-pitch bat in a fast-pitch softball game without damaging it but with the larger weight you would probably not make as much contact. However, none of this would be legal for league or tournament play as they require bats with baseball or softball specific certifications. Below is our selection of baseball and softball bats

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