Louisville Slugger Genuine Ash Baseball Bat

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Louisville Slugger Genuine Ash Baseball Bat

Louisville Slugger Genuine Ash Baseball Bat

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Louisville Slugger Genuine Ash Baseball Bat

The Louisville Slugger Genuine Ash Baseball Bat is a high performer, and should help you be a natural in your next wood bat league.Some hitters like a little extra splash in their wood bat, but for others, there is not better look on a wood bat, then an all-natural one. When buying from Louisville Slugger, you are getting great wood material, so why not show it off in its all-natural appearance. With many companies getting a wood bat with the all-natural look can be very expensive. But with Louisville Slugger that is certainly not the case, proved by this all-new model. This ash material on this bat is fantastic looking, and with this product you get to see it in all of its original glory. Here is how. The Louisville Slugger Genuine Ash Baseball Bat (Natural) has special Series 3 Ash material. This material is both strong and durable, but will not weight hitters down at the plate. It should last hitters multiple seasons, and allow them to produce a quick and powerful swing in the batter s box.

Louisville Slugger Ash Bat

Coming from Louisville Slugger, this bat will not disappoint. Louisville Slugger has been in business since 1894 and remains one of the top companies in the game. Louisville Slugger is not only concerned with the most elite players in the game. They also build gear for the up and coming stars of the game. Louisville Slugger is the choice of a countless amount of pro softball and also baseball players. This bat continues the greatness of the Louisville Slugger name. Do not miss out on one of Louisville Sluggers best products yet. Also look out for the famous Louisville Slugger logo in the middle of the bat, and a special inscription on the top of the bat. You can get this Genuine Ash material bat in one of four different bat sizes. There is a 31-inch, 32-inch, 33-inch, and 34-inch version of this bat available to purchase. This product should be able to accommodate a large range of hitters. If you are a bit old-school and enjoy a traditional looking natural bat design, this Louisville Slugger Genuine Ash Baseball Bat (Natural) will certainly not let you down. We here at Baseball Bargains can help get you this bat with a quick an easy delivery process. Order it today, and you are sure to be satisfied with your purchase. model: WBL2689010