Rawlings Big Stick Training Baseball Bat ONEHANDBAT

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Rawlings Big Stick Training Baseball Bat ONEHANDBAT

Rawlings Big Stick Training Baseball Bat ONEHANDBAT

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Rawlings Big Stick Training Baseball Bat Features:

The Rawlings Big Stick Training Baseball Bat is an innovative training tool. It is ideal for use off the tee or with soft toss. This bat comes with an easy to read instruction booklet that provides a list of multiple hitting drills. These drills will develop different parts of the baseball players swing. Thus, if you are looking to get to the next level, this tool should be used frequently. Hitters will be sure to build up their power, bat speed, and bat control with the Rawlings Big Stick Training Baseball Bat. It is an integral part of the development of any hitter, young or old. Any hitting instruction worth his salt will have part of your training involve using one hand drills. Thus, if it s use is part of your everyday routine, you should use a model that is durable.

One Hand Training Bat Options

Although the sku, ONEHANDBAT, suggests that is only for use with one hand , the 22 inch length of the Rawlings big stick training baseball bat lends itself to both one hand and two-handed training drills. However, depending on the age of the user, it may be too heavy for one hand use. If that is a concern, you may want to consider the 18 inch training bat from Louisville Slugger, WBTR1HT-BK. Click here to see the WBTR1HT-BK . Both training bats offer similar functions, but the best fit depends upon the age and strength of the player. Any wood bat is susceptible to breakage. However, The Big Stick trainer is made by Rawlings, the pioneer in baseball equipment. When purchasing any piece of equipment, it is wise to go with a name you know and trust. So, purchase yours today on the Baseball Bargains website.
  • Ideal for 1-handed or 2-handed hitting drills
  • Length - 22 inches
  • Short Bat with Regulation Handle
  • Natural finish
  • Constructed from Pro Grade Ash