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Best Catchers Mitt

Looking for a new catchers mitt, why not buy the best catchers mitt? When choosing baseball equipment it is important to do your research and find what is the best for you. One position that requires a ton of equipment to purchase is the catchers position. Choosing catchers equipment can be tough especially a mitt. Some factors to consider when buying a catchers mitt are the size, the brand, and the series of the mitt. Here is a buying guide to choosing the best catchers mitt possible. [product_tag tags="best-catchers-mitt" orderby="popularity"]


Most catchers mitts come between the sizes of 32 inches to 34 inches. Finding the right size for you is mainly preference. Smaller mitts will leave less surface are to catch the ball, but will allow a catcher to get the ball out of their mitt a little easier when trying to throw out someone stealing a base. A bigger catchers mitt will allow a catcher a little more stability, making it easier to get some tough to catch ball in their mitt. Also, it is important to talk to local experts or the experts here at Baseball Bargains to find the right size for you.


Choosing a brand is also mainly preference, but there are many brands that are known for making great catchers mitts. Some of these brands include Wilson, All Star, and Rawlings. Many pros use these brands to provide them with their catchers gear.  Aj Ellis and Derek Norris use Wilson. Yadier Molina and Francisco Cervelli use Rawlings. Gary Sanchez and Jonathan Lucroy use All Star. If these pros use these brands than why not you? These brands will not disappoint you.

Best Catchers Mitt:

Here are some great catchers mitts you should definitely consider buying,

Allstar CM3000SBT:  Coming with Extended Pro Pocket this is one of the best catchers mitts in the game. Originally made for Jason Varitek this mitt can compete with any mitt a major leaguer uses.

Wilson A2K PUDGE: This mitt uses Pro Stock Select Leather to give a catcher a pristine feel behind the plate. Also, the Jet Black, Blonde and Dark Brown color makes for a great look. This is a great mitt for a highly competitive ballplayer.

Rawlings Pro Preferred PROSCM43CB: This glove uses top of the line kip leather to allow the mitt to last a catcher a long time. Also the Tennessee Tanning rawhide leather laces contribute to the great durability the kip leather provides. This is a great mitt for high school/college level ballplayers.

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