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All Star Catchers Glove

These All Star catchers gloves last for many seasons.  People who have used the CM3000 all star catcher's mitt tend to give it top reviews. The consensus is that this pro level glove has a soft feel, but is very durable.  The All Star CM30000 also features an open back and latch wrist for a  secure and custom fit. The open back allows the catcher to place his or her forefinger outside of the glove for added protection from the pounding the catchers mitt will take. The catcher needs to be ready to catch fast-paced pitches, secure foul tips, and make plays at the plate.. A well-made catcher's mitt can be your best resource behind home plate. You can get the performance and protection you need with the steer hide leather in All Star's catcher's mitt models. So, check out all of the All Star catchers glove models available below.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our All Star Catcher's Mitts.

Getting the most information you can before you choose your catchers mitt will help you select the best model for your needs.

What Makes All Star Catchers Mitts Unique?

Craftsmanship and expertise. All Star focusses on designing almost all of their products for the catcher. The are the number one brand in the catchers gear industry. They have expert craftsmen who have been constructing their gloves for decades.

What is the top of the line All Star Catcher's Mitt?

The CM3000 line of gloves is their creme de la creme. Many MLB players use the CM3000. You will see the gloves on College and High School fields all across the country.

What All Star Catchers Mitts are Youth Models?

There are several All Star youth catchers mitt models. The three most popular are the CM1011, CM3031, and the CM1200BT .