All Star The Pocket CM100TM 27 inch Training Mitt

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All Star The Pocket CM100TM 27 inch Training Mitt | Catchers Glove

All Star The Pocket CM100TM 27 inch Training Mitt | Catchers Glove

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All Star The Pocket CM100TM 27 in Training Mitt Features:

The All Star The Pocket CM100TM 27 in Training Mitt will allow you to transform your game behind the dish. This All Star training catchers mitt has a small pocket that will fine tune your catching skills from blocking to hand speed. When you improve your hand speed, blocking skills and transfer speed you will be able to dictate your opponents running game. This All Star catchers mitt will improve your game, and runners will soon be thinking twice before attempting to run on you.

All Star Catchers Mitt - Training Glove

Many catchers utilize training drills but few incorporate a training glove into the mix. Because of all of the intricacies of the position, there are plenty of people who are ready to give advice and build exercises around those intricacies. Because of the shallow pocket and smaller size, these training All Star catchers mitts can lead to amazing improvements almost immediately. The best part about these improvements is that they can be made indoors during the cold months. So, training in the winter with this catchers training mitt will improve your game.

Training Catchers Mitt

Of course, drills are much better on a field with live pitching and as close to game situation as possible. Obviously, weather does not permit you to work outside everyday. As long as you have another person, the All Star The Pocket CM100TM can be utilized by simply having someone toss a baseball your way. Have them move it from side to side. A few in the dirt and few way out of the strike zone will only further the training. If you are serious about making strides defensively as a catcher than this catchers training mitt is a necessity and will be an invaluable training tool moving forward. Continually working with this catchers training mitt will strengthen your defensive skills. However, you can t improve if you don t have this All Star catchers training mitt So, purchase your All Star training mitt today at Baseball Bargains!

Catchers Training Mitt Features

  • Improve catching skills
  • Improves hand speeds
  • Improves blocking
  • Improve transfer speeds
  • 27 inch catcher s training mitt
  • CM100TM