All Star Pro Elite Series CM3000SBT Catchers Mitt

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All Star Pro Elite Series CM3000SBT Catchers Mitt

All Star Pro Elite Series CM3000SBT Catchers Mitt

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All Star Pro Elite Series CM3000SBT Catchers Mitt Features:

The All Star Pro Elite Series CM3000SBT Catchers Mitt is one of the leading gloves in the sport, because the CM3000SBT Pro Elite Series catchers mitt is designed for the serious baseball catcher. The Japanese tanned steer hide allows for fast break in and extended life of the glove. Thus, the All Star Pro Elite Series CM3000SBT is one of the ultimate catcher s mitts! This All Star CM3000SBT mitt is one of the most popular catcher s mitts used by the professionals! Only the finest materials and hand craftsmanship are used when making these Pro Elite mitts. This All Star catcher s mitt is top of the line and is also frequently used by major league catcher s.

All Star CM3000SBT - What sets this All Star Catchers Mitt apart is their commitment to the catcher position.

For decades, All Star has equipped some of baseball s best backstop s with the best equipment available. All Star Pro Elite Series CM3000SBT Catchers Mitt, as well as their other catchers gear, is built much like the catcher himself: tough. Since only the finest materials and most premium steerhide are used, which, when combined with superior craftsmanship, results in some of the finest baseball equipment ever created.

Breaking in the All Star Catchers Gloves

The best way to break-in this All Star CM3000SBT Catchers Mitt is to avoid using any oils or soaps. Instead, players should simply use the mitt by having a catch and throwing the ball into the pocket themselves. One of the common misconceptions where breaking in the All Star catchers gloves is that it is a good idea to sleep on it. This is a bad idea as the amount of weight can cause the glove to crease. If a mitt creases in the wrong spot, especially a catchers mitt, it can do long term damage to the glove (not to mention your defense). Therefore, make sure to treat this All Star Catcher s mitt and every mitt with care.

All Star Catchers Mitt features:

  • Soft tan leather
  • Durable leather back
  • Extended pro pocket
  • Fast break-in period
  • Retains strength
  • Smooth back design
  • Handmade glove
  • All Star CM3000SBT
  • 33.5"