Wilson A2000 M1DSS 33.5 inch Catchers Mitt

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Wilson A2000 M1DSS 33.5 inch Catchers Mitt

Wilson A2000 M1DSS 33.5 inch Catchers Mitt

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Wilson A2000 M1DSS 33.5 inch Catchers Mitt

The Wilson A2000 M1DSS 33.5 inch catchers mitt is a top of the line glove that meets all your needs behind the plate, giving you the opportunity to shine. Wilson knows what it takes to serve catcher s with the equipment and gear they need to have a successful season behind the dish. This A2000 catchers mitt is constructed using a versatile mix of pro stock leather and man made super skin. With this super skin leather, the glove is two times stronger than cowhide. The leather also only weighs half that of ordinary cow or steerhide. But to give the glove rugged durability and unmatched feel, this A2000 catchers mitt also features American Steerhide.

A2000 Catchers Mitt

A2000 catchers mitt models are some of the most popular year after year. The Super Skin backing makes this model a lighter weight model. With a lighter glove, you will  have maximum control.  in the Wilson A2000 M1DSS. With maximum control and feel, you will have a better defensive season behind the plate, blocking balls and scooping balls out of the dirt. This Wilson A2000 M1DSS 33.5 inch catchers mitt has all the characteristics that a catcher searches for in a mitt with durability, toughness, performance and feel. This mitt is a top choice for any player who wants to become a human back stop. The mitt is 33.5 inches and also features a half moon web construction. With the size and web, this M1DSS has an extremely large pocket and web.

Wilson A2000 Catchers Mitts

These Wilson A2000 catchers mitts not only perform well, they also look great. The mitt comes built out of black leather and has some blond and red accents that really pop. For years now, Wilson A2000 continues to be one of the most recognized lines in the game of baseball. When you take the field, no matter what your position, from outfield to catcher, Wilson has got you cover. The Wilson A2000 M1DSS 33.5 inch catchers mitt will have you prepared for anything behind the plate. So, order this catcher s mitt today from Baseball Bargains! Model: WBW100995335

  • Spin Control Technology - reduces spin as ball enters the glove
  • SuperSkin - is a microfiber material that’s half the weight of Pro Stock Leather and twice as durable. Its moisture-resistant design extends the longevity of the glove. It is also easier to clean than traditional leather.
  • Flat Finger Binding - gives players greater comfort and control in the field. By reducing the amount of space between your finger and the back of the glove, there will be less pain when making plays
  • Pro Stock Leather - provides rugged durability and unmatched feel
  • DriLex Wrist Lining: provides a comfortable fit and feel
  • 33.5 inch model
  • Half-Moon web