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Best Youth Catchers Mitts

The catcher's position requires a great deal of equipment. Choosing catchers equipment can be tough, and this is especially true when selecting a catchers mitt. Some factors to consider when buying a catchers mitt are the size, the brand, and the series of the mitt.

Best Catchers Glove Brands

Choosing a brand is also mainly preference, but there are many brands that are known for making the best catchers glove models. Some of these brands include Wilson, All Star, and Rawlings. Many pros use these brands to provide them with their catchers gear. Aj Ellis and Derek Norris use Wilson. Yadier Molina and Francisco Cervelli use Rawlings. Gary Sanchez and Jonathan Lucroy use All Star. If these pros use these brands than why not you? These brands are where you should start to find the best catchers glove models. See our selection below to choose the best catchers mitt for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Best Catchers Mitts

Getting the most information you can before you choose your catchers mitt will help you select the best model for your needs.

What are the Best Catchers Mitts?

The best catchers mitt is different for everyone. It depends on the criteria that is important to you and in what priority you hold each criteria. Some such criteria is sport, price, durability, color, size, brand, throwing hand. Once you organize these criteria in order of importance, you are on your way to choose the best catchers mitt to fit your needs. Feel free to email our staff at customerservice@baseballbargains.com for assistance once you have your criteria in oder of importance.

Do you recommend a specific catchers mitt model?

Once you organize the criteria discussed in the question above, we can recommend the catchers mitts that we feel would be best for you. 

How do I size a catchers mitt?

The size of a catchers mitt is determined by the circumference of the mitt. The best way to determine what size you need is to use the following guidelines. For adults, 32.5 inch models are the most popular. Ig you want a little larger model, the 33.5 inch models are the way to go. If you are catching pitchers with a lot of movement on their pitches a 34" model might be your best choice. Especially if you have a larger hand. Youth players typically start in a 31.5 inch youth model and progress to a 32.5inch youth model. We recommend the Mizuno or All Star catchers mitts for the beginning youth catcher. They are affordable, well padded, and easy to break in.