Under Armour Genuine Pro 34" Catchers Mitt UAFGGP-CM

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Under Armour Genuine Pro 34" Catchers Mitt UAFGGP-CM

Under Armour Genuine Pro 34" Catchers Mitt UAFGGP-CM

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Under Armour Genuine Pro 34" Catchers Mitt UAFGGP-CM

The Under Armour Genuine Pro 34" Catchers Mitt UAFGGP-CM gives those behind the dish a supreme option to help them produce their best game on the field. A catcher's glove must be able to hold every single pitch, because sometimes that is the difference between a ball and a strike. Catchers only want to help their pitchers, so giving them the ability to that is a huge advantage for Under Armour. Under Armour wants every player that puts on this glove to feel like a pro. So, this glove and series as a whole makes sure players have the best tools to play well on the field. Performance of baseball products drives their quality, so Under Armour diligently worked to provide the best possible product for catchers.

Under Armour Catchers Mitt

The features of a baseball glove are what makes it up when the manufacturer constructs it. This is why a glove either performs or not on the field. The basis for a quality glove lies in the leather that is used to construct it. The top 5% of Japanese tanned steer hide that constructs the shell of this glove provides extreme strength, durability, and a lightweight feel. This means your glove will last you multiple years and can get to pitches out of the zone easier. To add protection behind the plate, which is imperative, Under Armour features premium cowhide palm and finger linings. This will reduce the sting from foul balls and fast-throwing pitchers. These features also allow for a quicker break in which means you can use your new leather faster.

The ability of a mitt to retain its shape over time greatly adds value to a manufacturer's product. Under Armour makes sure their gloves can do this with its pemium grade U.S. tanned lacing and its rolled leather welting. These features help keep the fingers of your glove tight, so the shape of your beloved glove doesn't change. Come get yours today!