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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Under Armour Baseball Gloves

What you want to know about the baseball gloves from one of the top names in the sporting goods industry

Are Under Armour Baseball Gloves High Quality?

If you think one of the top names in sports would cut corners on it's baseball gloves you are very wrong. Under Armour baseball gloves are taking the industry by storm due to their quality, comfort, and durability.

How Do You Measure Under Armour Baseball Glove Sizes?

Like any other glove brand, the size if a fielders glove is measured from the heel of the glove to the top of the index finger of the glove. That is true for infield, outfield and first base gloves. A catchers mitt however, is measured by the circumference of the glove.

Should Under Armour Baseball Gloves Feel Tight or Loose?

That is a matter of preference. However, you never want your glove to be too loose on your hand. A baseball glove should fit firmly on you hand to allow for maximum control. Too loose of a fit will cause bobbles and drops. Be sure it fits firm but not too tight. You want it to "fit like a glove".