Under Armour Flawless 13" First Base Glove UAFGFL-FB

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Under Armour Flawless 13" First Base Glove UAFGFL-FB

Under Armour Flawless 13" First Base Glove UAFGFL-FB

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Under Armour Flawless 13" First Base Glove UAFGFL-FB

The Under Armour Flawless 13" First Base Glove UAFGFL-FB offers a large pocket that will allow you to reach even the widest of throws. Having a reliable first baseman is the cornerstone to any successful team. This is because they finish every routine play, and if they are off it can cause many problems for your team. This is why it is of the utmost importance that your guy has a glove that helps him play better. With the all new Under Armour flawless series this is simply possible. This is because of the experts that Under Armour brought together to put this great product to the market for the first time. These experts made sure to use only the best materials to build these gloves into masterpieces.

Under Armour Flawless First Base Glove

The leather of a glove is generally what makes it either high quality or not. With the Flawless series Under Armour hit the nail on the head when it comes to producing quality. This is because of the nature of the design on this glove. Expert glove technicians extensively hand shapes these gloves to give you not only comfort, but also durable and long-lasting performance. The reason for the excellent performance is the excellent leather used to create the shell of this glove. Under Armour uses the top 5% of Japanese tanned steer hide which is both extremely durable and lightweight, so you can pick any ball in the dirt. To protect you from the darts your infielders will throw you Rawlings gives you the world-class Pittard's leather palm lining. The cream color with black accents will have you turning heads on the field. With Under Armour at your back, you will have excellent customer service, and simply a great product that you can rely on. Since 1996, they have impressed everyone and they continue to do so with great innovation and production of excellent equipment.