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Under Armour Genuine Pro 11.75" Infield Glove UAFGGP-1175MT

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Under Armour Genuine Pro 11.75" Infield Glove UAFGGP-1175MT

The Under Armour Genuine Pro 11.75" Infield Glove UAFGGP-1175MT gives players the option of style and gives them performance. With this great duo of attributes, this glove creates an individualized experience that produces the best customer satisfaction. The materials used to make this glove allow you to perform at your highest level. The different color variations allow you to personalize your glove to fit your own specific style preferences. Every baseball glove changes tremendously once it gets in the hand of the player. They will break in the glove how they want, so every single glove sold ultimately ends up completely different. Under Armour wants to give its players a true and genuine experience that optimizes performance which in turn optimizes the fun of the game.

Under Armour Infield Gloves

A glove starts with the leather that is used to construct it. Only the best, most durable leathers satisfy players of elite talent. Under Armour aims to create a solution that helps these players improve their game. The Japanese tanned steer hide shell of this glove provides exceptional strength and a lightweight feel. This is great for middle infielders because they can improve the quickness of their hands and in turn make every close play an out. The premium cowhide palm and finger linings allow for a quicker break in. This means you can have your individualized product in your hands for game time faster than other op gloves on the market. The premium grade U.S. tanned lacing and rolled leather welting give your glove a long-lasting shape. Retaining the shape of a glove is extremely important because the quality of the glove greatly diminishes when it starts to become floppy. There are three color variations of this glove with the modified trapeze web. The black and cream color gives players a sleek design. The navy and cream variation and black cherry and cream variation gives players the ability to have a glove that has their favorite color or meets their teams' colors. Come get yours today!


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