Under Armour Flawless 12" Pitchers Glove UAFGFL-12002P

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Under Armour Flawless 12" Pitchers Glove UAFGFL-12002P

Under Armour Flawless 12" Pitchers Glove UAFGFL-12002P

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Under Armour Flawless 12" Pitchers Glove UAFGFL-12002P

The Under Armour Flawless 12 inch Pitchers Glove UAFGFL-12002P gives pitchers the answer they need when looking for an exceptional glove. The last thing Pitchers need to worry about is how their glove is performing for them, so Under Armour provides a solution to this. They do this by engineering this glove to be able to fit all of your personal needs. Considering this is Under Armour's first line of gloves, some might be skeptical. But, if you look at the past, Under Armour completely took over the athletic apparel market in the late 90's and early 2000's. This shows their ability as a company to infiltrate a market and succeed. Why would it be any different with the baseball marketplace?

Under Armour Flawless Pitchers Glove

A baseball glove's features are truly what makes it perform either great on the field or poorly. The materials used to construct the glove are largely what makes it be durable and the construction allows it to perform how you want it to. Under Armour decided to use the top 5% of Japanese Tanned steer hide to make the gloves in this series. This leather is one of the premiers in the game, and allows for unmatched durability and light weight feel. To help players protect their hands when catching come backers from hitters, Under Armour uses the world-class Pittard's leather palm lining. The two-piece web allows for pitchers to hide what pitch they're throwing and truly keep the element of surprise in their hands during the game. The extensive hand shaping by expert glove technicians helps you perform on the field, as well as be extremely comfortable on the field. What goes into this glove truly makes it flawless. Under Armour is entering a new market, but that is no reason to be worried. To develop the new product line, Under Armour made a team of experts with 50 years of experience in glove design to compete with top brands in the market.