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Kids Catchers Gear

Kids Catchers Gear

One of the most important parts of youth baseball is kids catchers gear. Young catchers are just starting to learn how to play the position. Therefore, the equipment needs to give them confidence the stay there for years on end. To do that, it needs to stay securely in place and provide complete protection. The big three - catcher's helmet, chest protector, and shin guards - help accomplish just that.
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The Youth Catchers Helmet

The System 7â„¢ Youth Catchers Helmet is just one of many sure fire examples for excellence in defensive headwear. It is an affordable and excellent quality youth catcher's helmet. The S7 is a two tone hockey style helmet for ultimate protection.

The Youth Chest Protector

One piece of youth catching equipment that is so often poorly fitted is the chest protector. It is a problem when the chest protector does not fit securely to the young player's body. This means it does not provide good protection and inhibits their playing ability. The S7™ and S7™ Axis are two youth models produced by All Star. The come in multiple colors, including a patriotic American red, white and blue with stars. All Star also makes four different size models.

Youth Catcher's Shin Guards

Like the helmet and the chest protector, the guards need to fit properly to provide protection. All Star finishes off their System Sevenâ„¢ series youth gear with a solid pair of shin guards. The S7â„¢ youth Pro DIGI CAMO includes hockey style masks, chest protector and shin guards. Kids catchers gear needs to allow the young catcher to play with confidence. It is a hard enough position to play without gear that inhibits their ability to move, or does not adequately make them feel safe. For this reason, you want your players to catch with the confidence that makes all the other responsibilities seem fluidly accomplishable and not overbearing. So invest in quality kids catchers gear and this shall become a reality. Then and only then will they know what it means to become an elite caliber player at their position.
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