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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Youth Catchers Gear

Getting all of the information you can before you purchase your catchers gear will help you select the gear for your needs.

How do I Size up Youth Catchers Gear?

For leg guards, measure the player's leg from the top of the ankle to the top of the knee while they are in the seated position. For a chest protector, measure from the waist in the seated position to the collarbone. Then, for the helmet, use the players fitted hat size to make sure if falls within the sizing range of the catchers helmet..

What Catchers Gear Should I Buy for my First Time Catcher?

If you are looking for a youth set that is easy for your youngster to put on, you can co with the Wilson EZ Gear set. Another perk is it's affordability. If you want a little better protection without breaking the bank, you can go with the All Star League Series catchers gear. 

What is the best youth catchers gear?

All Star System 7 catchers equipment is considered to be one of the best lines of catchers equipment in the industry. The comfort, protection and wide variety of color combinations makes it very popular year after year.