Under Armour Youth Knee Supports UAKS2-Y

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Under Armour Youth Knee Supports UAKS2-Y

Under Armour Youth Knee Supports UAKS2-Y

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Under Armour Youth Knee Supports UAKS2-Y Features:

When it comes to youth catchers, keeping their young developing knees healthy is always a concern. Parents and coaches can help their young catchers keep their knees feeling fresh, by purchasing them these Under Armour Youth Knee Supports UAKS2-Y to cushion them with. The supports are some of the best knee guards on the market today. Thus, they will make any youth catcher s season much more enjoyable.

Under Armour Knee Saver Features:

The Under Armour Youth Knee Supports UAKS2-Y comes with a multi-level foam construction. The design provides a maximum amount of support, protection, and comfort for catchers using this knee support. This product will help reduce the amount of stress on a catcher s knee. It is also easy to attach to any pair of catcher's leg guards. This item weighs about 1/2 of a pound, and will never weigh down the knees of the catcher using it. Players will always maintain a great amount of mobility and flexibility when using this knee saver. The product is the youth size model. There is also a version of this knee saver on the Baseball Bargains website that fits for adult players. It also is available in six different color options, which include black, dark green, navy, royal, scarlet, and silver. All of these color choices make it easy for players to customize this knee saver to match the color of their team. Even with smaller items, customization is always appreciated. Over the past decades, few sporting goods companies have been more successful than Under Armour. This company was founded in 1996, with the goal of creating apparel that helps keep athletes cool and light while competing on the field. They have achieved this goal with every one of their fine products, and are a company that athletes today should have no problem putting their trust in. Every youth catcher should make sure these Under Armour Youth Knee Supports UAKS2-Y are in their equipment bag this season. They will help ensure that catchers have a fun and pain-free baseball or softball year, and keep them playing at their best. These supports come a great low price, so add them to your Baseball Bargains shopping cart today. Order now!

  • Attach to leg guard harness
  • Easy to attach
  • Multi level foam
  • UAKS2-Y