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Baseball Helmets

Baseball Helmets

Baseball is naturally an unforgiving game. Riddled with failure, baseball can send a your mental sanity for a whirl spin. However, the only way to get past these failures is to stay on the field and work through them. The most detrimental thing that can happen to a competitive ballplayer is an injury. A head injury is so awful as you can not play in games and you can not practice. This is why as a ballplayer you need to be doing what is absolutely necessary to stay on the field. This is why ballplayers need to wear  baseball helmets.  Believe it or not some of the most prevalent injuries in baseball are head injuries. An injury to the head can be the worst injury a ballplayer can suffer. This is because a head injury makes all forms of practice impossible. A ballplayer who suffer a head injury must sit back and take time off the game as they have no other option.  The first attempt at wearing a helmet was by Roger Bresnahan who wore one in 1908 after suffering a head injury. [product_tag tags="baseball-helmets" orderby="popularity"]

Be Safe

These helmets use in 1908 however were not nearly as protective as those used today. The person who really sparked widespread use of baseball helmets was Mickey Cochrane. A Hall of Fame catcher for the Tigers who suffered a career ending head injury in 1937. The players initiated the push to require use of a batting helmet, since they didn't want to see there fellow ballplayers suffering injuries. Even through all of these injuries and innovations many do not wear helmets all of the time. Although, almost every league makes helmets mandatory for ball players that is not where the problem lies. The problem is during batting practice when a player believes that they are safe without a helmet. This lapse in judgement is exactly what can cause a serious head injury.

Repercussions of not wearing baseball helmets

Ryan Freel was an eight-year major league veteran who retired in 2010. He was the first former major league player diagnosed with CTE.  This is a degenerative brain disease. It is mainly associated with retired football players. However, baseball players can not think they aren’t in a sport that can cause these serious injuries. In addition, head injuries in baseball account for nearly twenty percent of all competitive sports related head injuries. Wearing a helmet is such a simple thing to do to avoid such tragic injuries. Catching masks are also 100% necessary for a ballplayer to wear. The National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment only tests these masks at 70 mph remarkably, even though when ballplayers reach a competitive level any pitch that slow would be perceived as not up to standard.  In conclusion ballplayers can not be naive to the risks of the game. I hope everybody enjoys their upcoming seasons, and every season they have to come. Just remember to take proper precautions. Baseball Bargains has some of the best protective gear on the market right here on our website. Make sure to buy a top of the line baseball helmet. We have a great selection right here on the Baseball Bargains website. Purchase one today!
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